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Oh, all right, I'll pin a useful toot:

Some amount of this account will refer to my comic, The Dementia of Magic, at Others may refer to nothing really at all.

There are very few times in my life I've legitimately had to use the word "palanquin". One of them is planning certain events in this chapter of the comic.

Am I the only one getting tired of how the answer to any lagging business model these days is "just throw more booze at the problem until profitable"?

Movie theaters losing out to home viewing? Serve beer.
Arcades doing poorly? Install a bar and some taps.
Bookstores losing business? Serve wine in-store, why not.
Tabletop gaming stores need a boost? Half your staff are craft brewers, right?

Dateline: Distant future. Interstellar travel is real, humanity makes contact with lifeforms from distant stars.

"Hold on, a sec, human. Our sun — the thing with numerous planets orbiting it, each with countless lifeforms, cultures, histories, and civilizations — that was all just *a point on some guy's BELT* to you?"

Today was a minor cleanup day, mostly to get rid of some useless junk and clear out visible space in the apartment. A large amount of what I tossed was homework, notebooks, and projects from junior high through college.

Instead of looking over the actual content of the notes to see what I forgot over the years, my attention was mostly drawn towards the doodles I made in the margins. I've apparently improved over the years.

(no pictures available; I WAS trying to toss stuff, after all)

Next step of the website tweaks, the calendar colors. I know I said the shades-of-grey thing wasn't working with colors, but then I figured, what if I just dropped the colors altogether? Well, apart from the active date, which is now green and has an outline. The whole thing should be more readable, at least.

In other news, yes, the site CSS has a name, and it's "Monolithic". If you have a browser/extension that allows you to change CSS stylesheets, you might also see "Spamtastic", designed to replicate what the site looked like before I did Monolithic.

If I redo the site again, I'm definitely NOT keeping up the mutliple-stylesheets thing. That's ridiculous to maintain in the long run.

I should do some DoM site tweaking. The ol' Monolithic site CSS has some weaknesses. For instance, the shades-of-grey backgrounds sort of disagree with... well, just about any color, really.

I've already changed the visited link text to be a bit brighter (works better with the black background), but I think there's a lot more to do there.

And maybe I'll also get some more arty experiments going. Always a good idea to diversify talents and do something out of the ordinary, right?

Almost done. Then I go into hibernation to recharge the comic buffer and plan out Chapter Nine. THIS time it'll be a multi-story chapter. I've got some loose ends to revisit. One of which I'm about to make in this chapter.

DoM updates will likely pause after the whole Cy-discusses-Lucien bit as I stop to recharge the buffer for what'll be the last part of Chapter Eight. And then I get Chapter Nine planned out. More to come!

Since my little personal Mastodon instance seems to be functioning normally, I should at some point add in a header image for my account, as well as thumbnail, hero, and mascot images for the server itself. And then maybe futz around with the CSS.

And, as usual, it's not TRULY the holiday season until the santahat starts appearing on VLC's icon.

Ooo, the PDF version of Too Bad, Waluigi Time is out to Kickstarter backers. More BitF-style Waluigi madness is a good thing.

I know I tend to maintain a sense of continuity in my comic (serial storyline and all), though I still wonder how many times I'll have to redraw scenes as flashbacks using my more modern art techniques. Though, Yuulor Forest keeps looking more livable every time, at least.

"Thank you for updating the contact information on your account! If you did not initiate this change, flee immediately. They have found you. Assume the usual safehouse is compromised, identify friendly agents by prearranged codephrases."

Oh, all right, I'll pin a useful toot:

Some amount of this account will refer to my comic, The Dementia of Magic, at Others may refer to nothing really at all.

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