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Some amount of this account will refer to my comic, The Dementia of Magic, at Others may refer to nothing really at all.

Mastodon 3.1.3 installed. I think I'm getting the hang of the upgrade process.

Richter absolutely did a stint with Dodo Airlines.

Hm. I just had ideas for a couple more DoM-related vinyl stickers. Soon my laptop will be nothing but my own custom DoM stickers, and then I'll no doubt get a new laptop and have to start over.

There are some things I still have yet to get used to out here, such as the fact that the local super-mega-ultra grocery store seems to stock only one variety of non-microwave popcorn, and they don't stock it all that well to begin with.

Like, seriously, I recall there being actual options at Meijer, at least. Does nobody know how to make popcorn without a microwave out here?

Welp, guess it's a good time to check if the grocery store's home delivery service (which is still operating) is any good...

I am slightly disturbed by the fact that, when dusting, most of the dust in my apartment has a distinct smell of dryer sheets, and now I'm starting to wonder if I've been seriously screwing up my laundry for a long time now.

Okay, I think I know where the immediate next DoM strips will go. I know how the chapter needs to end, per se, in terms of the events that need to happen, but specifically getting there has been the trick. More to follow. Eventually.

In today's test sketch, the tricks I've been missing with this pose have always been the shoulders and the fact that the wrist should sit BELOW the level where the hand is.

Well, that and the fact that my style doesn't usually give distinct hips on which a hand can sit, per se.

Y'know how I mentioned I should rethink the CSS and layout of the DoM site? I should also consider a more mobile-friendly site. The problem there is that the comic images aren't particularly mobile-friendly, and that's pretty well the entire point of the site...

I mean, the RSS feed exists for a reason, so maybe just directing people to their feed readers is a better solution?

Another Mastodon software upgrade, preferably non-breaking again. Yay!

Printers: Because It Turns Out Going From The Digital World To Physical Media Is Actually Rather Difficult™!

Woah, hold on just a second... EPUB3.0 has fixed-layout support? So I can arrange the DoM books (a series of comics w/commentary) in a way that looks like a series of comics w/commentary and not like an HTML disaster from 1997? Must perform research...

Dear banks and other websites:

Okay, look, I understand that if you already had it in play before the tech world got deluged with articles about the hazards of relying on it, gutting SMS 2FA and replacing it might be harder than it sounds. But if you've never had any 2FA before and are adding it anew, you should really know by now not to make SMS your ONLY 2FA option.

Sure, it SOUNDS okay to people who don't have smartphones, but seriously, you may wish to look into other options.

I wonder how hard it would be to write a patch for Mastodon that would allow it to accept U2F/FIDO keys for 2FA. Like, the standard stuff in there now is pretty good and all, but adding in my Yubikeys (or similar) would just be nice, y'know?

So remember, kiddos, find a dentist and get regular cleanings and checkups if you don't already! Surprisingly, getting a tooth extracted doesn't hurt IMMEDIATELY, per se, but there's still that weird feeling of an absent tooth that'll be there until I can get an implant...

Say, kids! Do YOU want six and a half hours of a ten-day road trip from Victoria, BC to Dawson City, YT played at 6x speed? Of course you do!

And so, on suggestion of @boolean263 , the first custom emoticon on the server: :nasalfly:

Now to see how that shows up on the RSS feed...

So apparently Mastodon instances can create their own custom emoticons, and these get federated when other servers connect in. I know this because in the settings panel I can see everything my instance has picked up over time.

Since I'm the one who runs this instance (and its only inhabitant), this means I am effectively free to add anything I want to my posts, provided I add it to the emoticon list first. Hm...

There. Mastodon upgrade hopefully complete. Let's see how badly it's gone all kerflooey this time!

TMBG, still doing things, like memorizing and playing Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love in reverse, live on stage:

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