We've done it, folks. We've reached the point in computing technology where the answer to "But will it run Crysis?" has switched to "No, because it turns out the original Crysis was HELLA unoptimized".

@captainspam in gonna need you to unpack that a little

How did we move from "the problem is your computer" to "the problem is Crysis itself"

@DialMforMara When the original Crysis was released (2007), reviews agreed it looked amazing but never ran very well, leading most to believe it was made for computers with some hypothetical, incredible specs that wouldn't exist for years, hence the meme.

Thirteen or so years later, however, with hardware well beyond that point, it still kinda doesn't run smooth, leading to the latter conclusion.

@DialMforMara This isn't the first time something like that's happened. I recall reviewers saying roughly the same thing about Descent 3 when it first came out, but I guess people cared less about the Descent games than what Crysis was promising.

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