I have to admit, I can at least respect a microwaveable burrito with this level of precision in its cooking instructions.

An unnamed beach elf and his doll, both of whom run a muffin tent. I figured I really ought to do more with dollmages in the DoM, and these two are a result of that.

That's all, just five sketches. Enjoy!

An unnamed human who runs a snake meat booth. Her booth and her appearance are both tightly bound to an inside joke between myself and a few friends. Don't worry about it.

An unnamed human/dwarf duo who run a BBQ booth. You haven't seen them yet; just wait'll you see their booth.

An unnamed beach elf who ran a sandwich booth, seen in a narrative montage. I'm not fully happy with the perspective hackery on his cane, but I'm still proud of his ridiculous hat and the sandwich fixin arc.

Madame Boutrix, a wax museum proprietor. She was only seen from the back, controlling one of her wax mannequins, before Alex and Matt decided to walk right on by. I actually had her drawn out in more detail like this beforehand, but didn't use anything else (the other sketches I'm about to dump were made after their respective facts).

In today's test sketch, the tricks I've been missing with this pose have always been the shoulders and the fact that the wrist should sit BELOW the level where the hand is.

Well, that and the fact that my style doesn't usually give distinct hips on which a hand can sit, per se.

There are surprisingly few people who would know why I drew this, but I drew it anyway.

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