Finally, we end on orange, with Cesol!

I'll get the full-res versions of this entire ridiculous set up on the DoM site later.

I'm reasonably certain I have one more of these past this one. For now, though, here is the color cyan in action.

Continuing along the color wheel is blue with Howard and Tilly. This is kinda-sorta the new outfit I designed for him that got used exactly once so far. He'll be back.

For the color green, I choose Phinn. As she is an elf, this may seem logical if you are not familiar with my comic and her usual attire.

You may have noticed in the previously-posted mobile wallpaper that Alex's outfit was, in fact, yellow, when it is usually blue. This may seem exceptionally strange, especially since the Stephanie wallpaper in purple had her in her normally-colored Goddess of the Wasteland outfit.

To that end, here's a wallpaper of Matt dressed in red.

The short story is that recent Android versions can set a systemwide color tinting theme based on your wallpaper. The Stephanie wallpaper I tooted last sets that color as purple. Except, I only set it on the lock screen (not the home screen), and that's overriding the color from the home screen's wallpaper. That doesn't seem right.

Thus, in the interests of testing, I decided to make a yellow-prominent wallpaper. I'm going to need a green one next.

Following up the last toot, in addition to the new desktop wallpapers for the latest comic (, I tried a vertically-oriented, 9:20 mobile version of the wallpaper (for the laughing variant). I dunno, I think it works out well.

Fresh from the Prize Mines, here's A Thing I won from this year. First thing I've ever won from a Desert Bus. Yay!

The DoM logo's always been a bit troubling, mostly because it depends on a flame I generated once with an ancient plugin I don't remember at all, meaning it's a raster image that doesn't at all scale and I can't remake it exactly the same.

I know some people take issue with the trend towards more simplified logos with flat colors and gradients, but the advantage is that lends itself to vectorization well, which means it scales.

Given all of that, I feel this is an acceptable improvement.

There we go. I think this will work. There's a bit of an oddity with the spines where the back cover art is bleeding in a bit, but given I've got everything as correct as I can get there on my end, I'm chalking that up to variances in printing for now.

So, the concept of a hardcover book is feasible. Shame my clever idea of hiding doodles in the wrap area won't quite work. Darn. But, I think I can work with this.

Two MORE vinyl stickers added to my ridiculous set of stickery things. Technically, it's two versions of the same pic (this account's current avatar, in both masked and unmasked varieties), but it still counts.

I got this idea in my head based on the fact that nobody really *likes* pie charts. I thought it was funny, at least.

See? Way too many details. I might need to crank up the focus blur even more.

Well, this was surprising. An old friend of mine who goes by the name Bluez showed up, appropriately out of the blue, and gave me some DoM fanart of Matt! The fact that is is in blue is coincidence. Take a look!

It's here! It's up! There's actually a 2020 Dementia of Magic holiday wallpaper! It's in the Gallery! Check it out!

Um... what sort of USB hub did I just purchase, that it has Smart Charging, Human Sensing, TRUE POWER?

I have to admit, I can at least respect a microwaveable burrito with this level of precision in its cooking instructions.

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