Regarding the Ford Sync firmware update from a couple days back:

Well, at the very least, manually making the directory structure it implicitly wanted and arranging the files that way did the trick, and Sync accepted the update. So I guess that was right? I don't know.

Other interesting fact, each of the tarballs contained a shell script to execute their contents (with actual logic), implying Sync is likely running something Unix-ish. Neat.

Oh. Well, that might explain why the hard disk connected to the Pi was making head reset noises. Turns out the combination of the disk and the TV tuner are drawing more power than the Pi's USB ports can put out. The good news, at least, is that the drive likely isn't bad, and as such, I now have a spare 1TB external hard disk, which I'm sure will be useful for something.

But, time for another NewEgg order, this time for a powered USB hub...

Ford, pls.

I download a file to upgrade the firmware on my car's media system thingy.

1. It wants me to extract this to a blank exFAT USB stick. Fair enough, I guess, but...
2. This is a zipfile. Its contents are primarily tarballs. Which is kinda inconsistently redundant enough, but...
3. The zipfile doesn't have a directory structure.
4. What it has instead are filenames that have backslashes in them.

What. Seriously, what.

The Pi PVR experiment seems to be a success so far, having given it its first real-world test (recording Svengoolie). Notes:

1. I'm getting guide data from OTA signals, and MeTV identifies Svengoolie by the movie name, not "Svengoolie". I can set up a manual schedule to record it anyway, but that loses metadata. Hm.

2. I might need a heat sink. I see the Pi thermometer warning pop up every so often.

3. Sure hope the IR stuff arrives soon, MythTV's interface is a bit obtuse otherwise.

Well, that honks. Apparently Terraria just randomly corrupts your world file once in a while. And sometimes doesn't keep backups?

My brother and I learned this the usual way, of course. Drat. I was kinda liking our ridiculous villages.

@BestGirlGrace @Canageek If I'm not mistaken, Lens tries to be an all-in-one thing, in kinda a "point at SOMETHING and we'll do something" sort of way. That, in turn, might mean it takes a bit longer to identify something specific, like a QR code.

I didn't say I used Lens much, per se, just that it CAN do QR codes. 🙂

@Canageek I dunno, Lens is scanning QR codes fine for me. *shrug*

Though in general, I still use ZXing Team's scanner. I think their libraries form the base of a lot of early smartphone QR readers.

@Canageek Then I... er... kinda have to wonder why you're asking if the Android camera doesn't have this built in yet? 🙂

@Canageek I forget what parts of the app are common to everything, but if your built-in Android camera app has "Lens" under "More", try using that.

As for standalone apps, I've been using ZXing Team's Barcode Scanner for ages. It's an old one, but it still does the trick, and I've never seen ads in it:

There! The USB TV tuner arrived, it interfaces nicely with my Pi, and after some testing, I would say I now have an OTA PVR. So that's cool.

Still some things to work out. Most importantly, how I'm going to do remote control. Linux can't understand the IR receiver on the WinTV-dualHD and MythTV's frontend doesn't like gamepads that might go away during runtime (i.e. Bluetooth devices shutting off when idle). Maybe a generic IR receiver would do the trick...

I had an idea for a project. Problem is, step one of this is making an sqlite database of my music collection. Not that it's all that big compared to some, but it turns out some tracks have very stupidly non-standard uses of some tags.

Also, there's a lot of weird special cases involved, but I'm at least simplifying things for my own dastardly needs. More on this if it goes anywhere. It might not.

@Canageek It was one of the venerable old ones, and a good one. Non-stop that whole time, too, which is a very impressive rarity in the webcomic world.

Your attention please: Round-trip bus service from Tucson, AZ to Las Vegas, NV will begin November 13th at 10am PT.

I'll admit, it still does mildly amuse me that if I enumerate the things plugged into the wall near my TV, that list will always include the sequence "[...]ethernet switch, HDMI switch, Nintendo Switch[...]"

At some point, I should either reduce the number of ingredients that goes into my pasta sauce or just admit to myself that I'm actually making more of a stew that I dump onto noodles.

The Pi has arrived and is now configured! But, given what I want it to do, it's not going to be doing much until that tuner shows up. Still, though!

Next upcoming experiment: Raspberry Pi-based PVR for over-the-air TV. Because I like to watch Svengoolie, dangit.

The main part that's on delay is the key element, the USB TV tuner. But, I can at least get the thing set up when it comes in next week. And I could always use more Bluetooth junk, like a keyboard and yet another mouse.

An unnamed beach elf and his doll, both of whom run a muffin tent. I figured I really ought to do more with dollmages in the DoM, and these two are a result of that.

That's all, just five sketches. Enjoy!

An unnamed human who runs a snake meat booth. Her booth and her appearance are both tightly bound to an inside joke between myself and a few friends. Don't worry about it.

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