I think I know a good first step in tweaks to the DoM website: Changing all the download links in the Gallery to look more like buttons. Not, y'know, actually make them buttons, but use CSS trickery to make them biglier and more rectanglier, easier to click/tap.

Also, that'll give me a chance to consolidate the multiple sizes of wallpapers down to just one per aspect ratio. Which in turn will also give 4K-ish 16:10 wallpapers, despite such monitors being stupidly rare and/or expensive.

Now that the chapter's done at long last, I've got Chapter Nine to plan out. I leave way too many plots dangling about, and I need to make sure they all tie together the way I want (or at least come back in to the main plot somehow).

In the meantime, I should also see if I can rig up a different set of site CSS for mobile devices. I'm not forcing the comic format to be mobile-centric, but the site itself still looks really ugly on a phone.

There we go, all six new mobile wallpapers (the Color Background Tests) are now up on the DoM site in the Gallery in their full-sized glory. Enjoy!


Finally, we end on orange, with Cesol!

I'll get the full-res versions of this entire ridiculous set up on the DoM site later.

I'm reasonably certain I have one more of these past this one. For now, though, here is the color cyan in action.

Continuing along the color wheel is blue with Howard and Tilly. This is kinda-sorta the new outfit I designed for him that got used exactly once so far. He'll be back.

Hm, wait, actually, I'd still need to keep arbitrary HTML in anyway, unless I wanted to drag in something like Markdown libraries. So maybe it's more of just extending the template system to generalize footnotes.

I know I added a JSON interface to my comic's website a while back so that there would be a decent way to fetch comic data programatically, and yet I'm sort of hoping nobody really needs it yet as I keep changing parts of the format whenever I realize better ways to present stuff. Oops.

On the plus side, I've got an idea of how to finally make an old feature in the Autofox code work for me. It's not wise to keep arbitrary HTML in the data files anyway...

@Canageek @rodneylives It's useful from a debugging standpoint. Sure, you can build in gzip, bz2, xz, etc, but a lot of time if something's going amiss, telling the end user "rename to .zip and open in Explorer" is a lot more convenient to them than starting with "first, install 7-Zip, then..."

That's not to say gzip (et al) isn't used *anywhere*. Inkscape can natively do svgz, GIMP understands .xcf.bz2 (et al)... but zip just wound up being the de facto standard for that early on.

@Canageek @rodneylives I would guess that the compression algorithms (and the zip format in general) were chosen largely due to being the lowest common denominator. Even the trusty gzip algorithm isn't quite ubiquitous outside of the UNIX world, not to the extent that PKZIP's algorithms are in Windows, let alone the beefier stuff. It likely made debugging and development a lot easier all around early on.

@rodneylives @Canageek And if you drop the XML requirement, Java jars, too. All sorts of files.

Not that it's too surprising, it's a decent way to structure it, I'm just a bit disappointed that something like a tar file never caught on for that. Then again, indexing is an issue there...

@Canageek You would be amazed how many files are, deep down, just zips filled with something else, frequently XML. Anything in the OpenDocument format, for instance.

For the color green, I choose Phinn. As she is an elf, this may seem logical if you are not familiar with my comic and her usual attire.

@dl While that's a decent enough idea, the ultimate plan for these are to go up on the DoM website anyway, so I'll just put them up once they're ready to go. Thanks for the suggestion anyway, though!

Also, it looks like Mastodon reduces the size of some of these images. I'll get the full-size ones up on the website once I think I'm done with the premise.

You may have noticed in the previously-posted mobile wallpaper that Alex's outfit was, in fact, yellow, when it is usually blue. This may seem exceptionally strange, especially since the Stephanie wallpaper in purple had her in her normally-colored Goddess of the Wasteland outfit.

To that end, here's a wallpaper of Matt dressed in red.

@beej I'm down for seeeeeeecret unlisted Beejposts. Seeeeeeecret secrets. That are secretly secret.

The short story is that recent Android versions can set a systemwide color tinting theme based on your wallpaper. The Stephanie wallpaper I tooted last sets that color as purple. Except, I only set it on the lock screen (not the home screen), and that's overriding the color from the home screen's wallpaper. That doesn't seem right.

Thus, in the interests of testing, I decided to make a yellow-prominent wallpaper. I'm going to need a green one next.

Following up the last toot, in addition to the new desktop wallpapers for the latest comic (dementiaofmagic.net/beans/gall), I tried a vertically-oriented, 9:20 mobile version of the wallpaper (for the laughing variant). I dunno, I think it works out well.

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