So remember, kiddos, find a dentist and get regular cleanings and checkups if you don't already! Surprisingly, getting a tooth extracted doesn't hurt IMMEDIATELY, per se, but there's still that weird feeling of an absent tooth that'll be there until I can get an implant...

Say, kids! Do YOU want six and a half hours of a ten-day road trip from Victoria, BC to Dawson City, YT played at 6x speed? Of course you do!

And so, on suggestion of @boolean263 , the first custom emoticon on the server: :nasalfly:

Now to see how that shows up on the RSS feed...

So apparently Mastodon instances can create their own custom emoticons, and these get federated when other servers connect in. I know this because in the settings panel I can see everything my instance has picked up over time.

Since I'm the one who runs this instance (and its only inhabitant), this means I am effectively free to add anything I want to my posts, provided I add it to the emoticon list first. Hm...

There. Mastodon upgrade hopefully complete. Let's see how badly it's gone all kerflooey this time!

TMBG, still doing things, like memorizing and playing Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love in reverse, live on stage:

That feeling when you realize this chapter of your work seems to primarily be shoving your characters into one bad situation after another and you're not sure you can toss in enough between events that doesn't seem like weak padding.

Are you ready for some football?
Roll for football readiness.

That feeling when you fully recognize the Obscure Cultural Reference on a Judge John Hodgman episode.

("Edict of Worms"; the reference was featured on an MST3K episode)

@ihorner Good ol' Unicomp. Started by former Lexmark engineers back when they made IBM's keyboards. That's a solid pedigree they've got, there. Still based out of Lexington, KY.

Took a bit more work after the stream, but my Over The Edge “Spring Break” dice have been dealt with.

I should really set up a startup script to make sure this instance actually comes back up next time the server needs to reboot...

The floppy disk, Bell phone, and envelope icons: Because design teams realized that if we updated them to their modern equivalents, every single icon ever would just be a blank rounded rectangle with varying widths of bezel.

There are surprisingly few people who would know why I drew this, but I drew it anyway.

@benhamill Having driven by the town many times and knowing exactly what that's referring to... yeah, that tracks.

@Canageek One thing I have a habit of doing is screenshotting at least the QR codes I get from 2FA sites, then stuffing them somewhere encrypted. That's saved me a few times. Though... well, might be too late for you now and all. Sorry. 🙂

There are very few times in my life I've legitimately had to use the word "palanquin". One of them is planning certain events in this chapter of the comic.

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