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I should do some DoM site tweaking. The ol' Monolithic site CSS has some weaknesses. For instance, the shades-of-grey backgrounds sort of disagree with... well, just about any color, really.

I've already changed the visited link text to be a bit brighter (works better with the black background), but I think there's a lot more to do there.

And maybe I'll also get some more arty experiments going. Always a good idea to diversify talents and do something out of the ordinary, right?

Almost done. Then I go into hibernation to recharge the comic buffer and plan out Chapter Nine. THIS time it'll be a multi-story chapter. I've got some loose ends to revisit. One of which I'm about to make in this chapter.

DoM updates will likely pause after the whole Cy-discusses-Lucien bit as I stop to recharge the buffer for what'll be the last part of Chapter Eight. And then I get Chapter Nine planned out. More to come!

Since my little personal Mastodon instance seems to be functioning normally, I should at some point add in a header image for my account, as well as thumbnail, hero, and mascot images for the server itself. And then maybe futz around with the CSS.

And, as usual, it's not TRULY the holiday season until the santahat starts appearing on VLC's icon.

Ooo, the PDF version of Too Bad, Waluigi Time is out to Kickstarter backers. More BitF-style Waluigi madness is a good thing.

I know I tend to maintain a sense of continuity in my comic (serial storyline and all), though I still wonder how many times I'll have to redraw scenes as flashbacks using my more modern art techniques. Though, Yuulor Forest keeps looking more livable every time, at least.

"Thank you for updating the contact information on your account! If you did not initiate this change, flee immediately. They have found you. Assume the usual safehouse is compromised, identify friendly agents by prearranged codephrases."

Oh, all right, I'll pin a useful toot:

Some amount of this account will refer to my comic, The Dementia of Magic, at Others may refer to nothing really at all.

Bookcases AND characters looking at or near the camera! Fortunately, that strip's done and I can move on to the next.

Man, do I hate drawing bookcases. And now I've found myself having to draw a scene in Yuulor Forest's Great Library for a panel of this DoM strip.

I really should work on a holiday DoM wallpaper this year. I really, really wasn't planning on making it a thing that I only make holiday wallpapers once every four years.

And there! I've updated my webpage widget to use an RSS feed instead of an OStatus Atom feed, which allows this to work with modern Mastodon. Sort of. There's probably more work to do.

I should really change my user icon for either the Octodon account or this one. Probably just a different color shirt.

Okay, I can at least narrow the timelines-per-instance part down to only local ones. In my specific case, that does the trick, but that's completely unworkable for nearly anyone else. Hrmph.

RSS is still probably the answer.

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It's crazy, I can even get a list of ALL public posts a given instance is aware of, including any federated posts, without authenticating, but a single user's PUBLIC timeline? Nope.

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Grr. Mastodon's API apparently does NOT want you fetching statuses from a user's timeline without logging in. As in, *including* just a list of public info, like public posts, account data shown publicly, etc.

Looks like the RSS idea is still my only real option. Meaning I need to make sure I'm chopping off the toot/follows/follower counts if I want a sane description field, among other hacks...

Dangit. Looks like Mastodon's RSS doesn't QUITE give me all the information I want (or at least not formatted conveniently) for the widget. The main kicker is the author data; I guess in terms of an RSS feed it makes sense the way it does it, but not for my needs.

I'll have to improvise.

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