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I had an idea for a project. Problem is, step one of this is making an sqlite database of my music collection. Not that it's all that big compared to some, but it turns out some tracks have very stupidly non-standard uses of some tags.

Also, there's a lot of weird special cases involved, but I'm at least simplifying things for my own dastardly needs. More on this if it goes anywhere. It might not.

Your attention please: Round-trip bus service from Tucson, AZ to Las Vegas, NV will begin November 13th at 10am PT.

I'll admit, it still does mildly amuse me that if I enumerate the things plugged into the wall near my TV, that list will always include the sequence "[...]ethernet switch, HDMI switch, Nintendo Switch[...]"

At some point, I should either reduce the number of ingredients that goes into my pasta sauce or just admit to myself that I'm actually making more of a stew that I dump onto noodles.

The Pi has arrived and is now configured! But, given what I want it to do, it's not going to be doing much until that tuner shows up. Still, though!

Next upcoming experiment: Raspberry Pi-based PVR for over-the-air TV. Because I like to watch Svengoolie, dangit.

The main part that's on delay is the key element, the USB TV tuner. But, I can at least get the thing set up when it comes in next week. And I could always use more Bluetooth junk, like a keyboard and yet another mouse.

An unnamed beach elf and his doll, both of whom run a muffin tent. I figured I really ought to do more with dollmages in the DoM, and these two are a result of that.

That's all, just five sketches. Enjoy!

An unnamed human who runs a snake meat booth. Her booth and her appearance are both tightly bound to an inside joke between myself and a few friends. Don't worry about it.

An unnamed human/dwarf duo who run a BBQ booth. You haven't seen them yet; just wait'll you see their booth.

An unnamed beach elf who ran a sandwich booth, seen in a narrative montage. I'm not fully happy with the perspective hackery on his cane, but I'm still proud of his ridiculous hat and the sandwich fixin arc.

Madame Boutrix, a wax museum proprietor. She was only seen from the back, controlling one of her wax mannequins, before Alex and Matt decided to walk right on by. I actually had her drawn out in more detail like this beforehand, but didn't use anything else (the other sketches I'm about to dump were made after their respective facts).

So to hopefully get back in action and recover from cabin fever, I decided to draw out a few background characters from recent comics, some of which you haven't seen, all of which were seen literally exactly once, yet I still overthought them anyway when I initially made their scenes. Hope you don't mind about five more toots of this.

Oh, and if you're reading from the widget on the comic website, I don't think images go through for that. You might want to click the link on top.

Well, it's technically my birthday now. For the first time in pretty well my entire life, I'm not able to spend it with my family. Hrm.

I'm given it some thought, and I'm pretty sure that, for the wallpapers I offer on my comic's website, I probably don't *actually* need individual sizes for a given aspect ratio (4:3, 16:9, 16:10), and can likely just offer the highest-quality version and trust that most modern devices can (gasp!) scale bitmaps as need be. Shocking discovery, I know.

The vector season series, I think I'll still want to have raster versions, maybe in addition to actual SVGs.

See, I told you I probably wouldn't use this thing very often.

So right now I'm outlining a series of comics to close out this chapter, bouncing between at least two distinct viewpoints, involving a few groups of people with incomplete knowledge of a situation, all of whom combined don't even have complete knowledge of it, part of which features a family suddenly realizing their long-lost daughter is alive and that may not be a good thing, and trying to keep this entire chaotic sequence of events straight in my head.

Should be neat if I can pull it off.

The Living Computer museum was an important piece of preservation and archival for an industry that would rather you forget everything they’ve done that’s no longer for sale.

This is a huge loss, and I fear we are unlikely to see anything like it in North America again.

Turns out, the place from which I normally order custom stickers has started offering holofoil material. That's quite neat and all, the only problem is the minimum order for those is 25 stickers, and I've only now run out of a stock of 10 nasal fly stickers I made a couple years ago.

Well, that was one of the smoothest Ubuntu upgrades I've done. Probably largely due to me using the wipe-and-reinstall method (besides the home partition), but still, works nicely.

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