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Well, this was surprising. An old friend of mine who goes by the name Bluez showed up, appropriately out of the blue, and gave me some DoM fanart of Matt! The fact that is is in blue is coincidence. Take a look!

I'll be glad to be back to the office at some point. I do not much like working from home all the time.

It's here! It's up! There's actually a 2020 Dementia of Magic holiday wallpaper! It's in the Gallery! Check it out!

All right... just a bunch of lighting effects, shading, ground shadows, and other stuff to go. I am GOING to get this desktop wallpaper done before Christmas, at the very least.

If you come from a temperate climate like I do and need to draw a palm tree, you start to wonder how they sit in sand. Like, deciduous trees have surface-level roots and grass tufts and all other crazy stuff at their bases, so you feel you have to stop and study how this applies to palm trees in sand.

And so eventually you find examples and discover they're really just kinda plunked in the ground without really anything like that showing above the surface at all. Huh.

when did avatars become pfps

and does wondering this make me old yet

Oh, hey, THAT'S why my Mastodon instance was getting bogus CSS. Apparently they changed it so all the assets and such get stuffed into the Docker image, not on the host filesystem (proxied in). Which makes a whole lot more sense, but does mean it breaks my setup made before that change.

At any rate, glad I fixed that. Now to look into this nifty new WebAuthn functionality...

All right. I have a plan to actually, seriously, for real have a holiday wallpaper for the comic this year. Yes, I know that means it's been ANOTHER four years since the last one. I swear that wasn't supposed to be the plan.

Um... what sort of USB hub did I just purchase, that it has Smart Charging, Human Sensing, TRUE POWER?

So, Desert Bus happened.

In fact, it happened to the tune of over $978k donated to charity over the course of 162 hours.


As a reminder: Round-trip Desert Bus for Hope service from Tucson, AZ to Las Vegas, NV begins in approximately 40 minutes.

As soon as it gets through review, the Desert Bus Widget will be the first Android app I've made that actually includes translations, thanks to the Desert Bus community! Yay! I'm at least partly sure I've got most of the weird edge cases accounted for.

Okay, THIS year I super need to make sure I have a holiday wallpaper ready to go. I swear it wasn't meant to be an every-four-years thing.

Today's fun adventure was getting another wisdom tooth extracted. Which means the rest of the day has been spent sucking on gauze pads waiting for my mouth to stop bleeding out.

Huh. I honestly did not believe IKEA when they suggested a Monday delivery date for stuff I ordered from them Saturday afternoon. But, sure enough, a truck stopped by.

Nope, the recently-released v3.2.1 didn't fix it, either. Maybe I should file an issue after all.

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Oh, forgot to mention: The RX 5600 XT was returned. Too much display corruption. I'm guessing that, while PCIe should in theory be forward-compatible, it really isn't (my motherboard has 3.0, the card was 4.0).

Instead, I got an RX 580. Now this is working much better. Still a few quirks, though I'm chalking those up to KScreen in KDE. Seems to forget a display exists if it's DisplayPort and the monitor falls asleep, for instance. But, mostly has been working admirably.

Huh, weird. For some reason, my Mastodon instance is serving up bad CSS regarding user avatars on detailed status views. I can see when the change was made in the code, but the HTML and CSS aren't agreeing on how big the avatar should be.

Would be nice if I could find another v3.2.0 instance to see if it's just me, but if it weren't, I'd think someone would've filed an issue by now...

(you won't notice anything if you're viewing this from another instance or my RSS widget)

I once again find myself having been sent a physical — PHYSICAL, mind you — Amazon holiday catalogue.

It's not nearly as ridiculously thick as last year's, though, so that's an improvement.

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