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Two MORE vinyl stickers added to my ridiculous set of stickery things. Technically, it's two versions of the same pic (this account's current avatar, in both masked and unmasked varieties), but it still counts.

Regarding yet another wave of definitely-for-totally-sure-this-time rumors about a new model of Nintendo Switch: The Boy Who Cried Wolf wasn't rewarded with a new model of Switch when he was finally right, which makes direct comparisons to this situation difficult.

To anyone who stumbled upon this and was wondering: Yes, a new version of Geohash Droid is on the way. Next release: Fixing wiki posting, specifically storing posts when the connection's down.

One of the more impressive things about Worms: Armageddon, the 22-year-old version of Worms that many still hold up as the peak of the series, is that it still gets updates, not just to force it to run on modern OSes, but also for QoL stuff and new features regardless. Plus, given how it's developed, if you've even got an old 1.0 WA CD sitting around, you should be able to get it upgraded to 3.8.

Or rather, my copy WOULD be upgradeable if my external CD/DVD drive could read it right. Arrg.

I got this idea in my head based on the fact that nobody really *likes* pie charts. I thought it was funny, at least.

The upshot of what I posted in the last toot last week will be one comic and three, that's right, three new desktop wallpapers. Because apparently I don't know when to stop adding alternate poses in a single scene.

Yes, those wallpapers will be designed for 16:10 displays first. You know me.

See? Way too many details. I might need to crank up the focus blur even more.

Once again I find myself adding in way too many details to background elements where a good amount of it will be hidden by foreground elements, and then more of it will be hidden by Gaussian blur.

"As usual today on Jeopardy, we've come across a substantial amount of money through means our lawyers have assured us we are not required to disclose, and we desperately need to dispose of it through a trivia game show for reasons we are also not required to disclose. And this round's categories are..."

New copies of the books have arrived. Looking good so far. I think just some minor adjustments to the covers and maybe lightening up some of the full-page stuff in Chapter Three (Lulu's prints seem a bit darker), and this oughta work.

Got it. Turns out jQuery's .html() method doesn't quite work the way I expected when multiple elements are involved. Should be fixed now.

Woah. Something with my widget isn't agreeing with that last toot.

There we go. The second edition PDF of Chapter Three is now up. It's *mostly* US Letter sized, but I took a lot more liberty in changing page sizes for bigger comics, given it's digital and all. Here's a link!

(this is a ~100MB download, by the by; be forewarned)

I've also got a physical copy of Chapter Three en route just to see how it looks. Hopefully that works out. :nasalfly:

The books arrived yesterday. Looks like I don't need the super-expensive premium color processing (it looks like it was designed for photo books, as it gives everything a glossy sheen), and Lulu's stuff is of otherwise comparable quality to KDP. So that's good news, at least.

Though I might need to do some minor re-layouts for the new margins. More to come.

Test copies of the US Letter version of Chapter Two of the DoM are en route. Hopefully Lulu's not-super-premium color processing is good enough, because holy cow the price shoots up a LOT the moment you turn on the premium option.

Of course, if not-premium's good enough but premium's noticeably and appreciably *better*, maybe I'll keep a few copies of that around just to be fancy schmansy.

I like the phrase "English is a flawed language". It implies the existence of some immaculate, flawless language that isn't at all pretentious.

I just started poking around with making a US Letter version of Chapter Three of the DoM. That one might take a bit more work than Chapter Two. Turns out that, since I was going digital-first for all the sketches and, more importantly, page-size full-bleed images, the originals are much tighter to those original 8"x10½" sizes, so I'll need to manually edit most of them to look right.

So that'll be a project.

The second edition (US-Letter-sized) PDF version of The Dementia of Magic Chapter Two is now up for download! Still researching options for the physical version, and I'll get Chapter Three going eventually.

(linking to the Books page so you don't get a surprise ~100MB download; look down the page for the "Or, download a PDF!" link for Chapter Two)

There's only one 'S' in Daylight Saving Time, dagnabbit!


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