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Following up the last toot, in addition to the new desktop wallpapers for the latest comic (, I tried a vertically-oriented, 9:20 mobile version of the wallpaper (for the laughing variant). I dunno, I think it works out well.

One of these days I'll consider making more vertically-oriented DoM wallpapers for phones and such.

Except, at least on the phone I use, wider wallpapers are parallax-scrolled as you swipe around the home screen, which is pretty nifty, which is why I don't really think about it much.

(well, okay, and I use other wallpapers on my phone anyway)

So in theory Mastodon v3.5.x now supports editing toots (I think?), with edit histories viewable, or at least stashed away in the db somewhere. I'll need to figure out how I should represent this in Mastowidget.

The upshot of this is you'll likely see a few pointless, edited posts here once I start futzing about with that (and I think once the UI actually exists?). I should really make a decoy testing account at some point. That point is not now.

If anybody counters any of your arguments, today's the day to respond with "you FOOLS!"

Monday! On Monday, DoM comics will update again and Chapter Eight will finally end!

Also there will be a new wallpaper at one point. Three variants of it, in fact. But that'll show up when the comic actually gets to that point.

There. I've got Chapter Eight finished. All what's left now is to arrange them into dated updates and get them up on the site.

Then I figure out the rest of Chapter Nine.

One more comic. One more and the chapter will be over and I'll finally start releasing them.

It's been a rough two years, is all.

Spartan soldier: I swear to you this day, I will either return with my shield, or on it!

Like Like: Might I offer a third option?

Huh, that wasn't that hard after all. Apart from whatever critical mistake I most likely made along the way that will destroy everything.

I have recently discovered and have been inspired by the fact that XKCD has a JSON interface for comic data.

Of course, the DoM archives aren't structured like XKCD's at all, so it's not like I can use it as a *standard*, per se, but I wonder if I can do something *similar* in AutoFox...

Fresh from the Prize Mines, here's A Thing I won from this year. First thing I've ever won from a Desert Bus. Yay!

And there! The Desert Bus has rolled to a full and complete stop for the year, having earned $1,188,181.00 and shattering several records in the process.

Until next year! Ajony!

Your attention please: Round-trip Desert Bus service from Tucson, AZ to Las Vegas, NV begins this Friday, November 12, at 6pm PST.

Everybody on the bus!

The DoM logo's always been a bit troubling, mostly because it depends on a flame I generated once with an ancient plugin I don't remember at all, meaning it's a raster image that doesn't at all scale and I can't remake it exactly the same.

I know some people take issue with the trend towards more simplified logos with flat colors and gradients, but the advantage is that lends itself to vectorization well, which means it scales.

Given all of that, I feel this is an acceptable improvement.

Oh, hey, I just looked over my notes, and I think I'm down to 4-6 comics left to get out of Chapter Eight and finally upload them to the website. Finally. Maybe I'll get this out yet. :nasalfly:

Next time you see a comic whose character poses are all similar (i.e. a conversation) and scoff at the artist for taking so long to draw what looks to you like cut-and-pasted art, remember that chances are what took so long was the artist trying to figure out some way to make the poses NOT be similar and deemed them all to be absurd before falling back to what you see just so they could get the story moving again.

Mario's new voice actor is... you. When you see the movie, Mario's voice is yours. You don't remember recording any lines. Nobody does. They all hear their own voice as Mario's.

When the movie ends and they walk out of the theater, everybody in the audience now has the voice of Charles Martinet. A surprise cameo indeed.

It has recently come to my attention there is little to no fanart of Tron Bonne Jovi. Someone get to work on that.

"Introducing the new AMD 6969 XTXTXTX-C! It has a gajillion rendering cores and eleventy bazillion TB of RAM! It's so powerful, your entire life up to this point has been retroactively rendered by one! Wheeeeeeeeeee!"

"Sure, nice, when will consumers be able to buy one, or anything else AMD's made in recent years? Will supplies be improving so that-"


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